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+$114,777.57 from e-commerce seo in 6 months

Unlock the Power of Advanced E-commerce SEO Features with Us

Maximize your Shopify or WooCommerce potential and boost your ROI with our advanced process and techniques

Sprint Style Projects

Some online stores need a big push in a short time. Our e-commerce SEO company offers sprint style projects for fast results.

SEO Plans Not Audits

Get action plans that you can use in-house, give to a team to use, or work with us in. A project management tool.

All Work Planned In Advance

Don’t pay an agency to look through JIRA or Asana, or internal meetings. Pay only for productive work.

Proven Processes

We ALWAYS start with mapping keywords to your pages, and find which pages you need. Strategy first work.

ecommerce seo services automation

Unleash the Power of Proven E-commerce Search Engine Optimization

Discover the game-changing benefits of a basically automated e-commerce SEO strategy and grow your revenues to new heights. We’ve helped so many companies grow their stores that we have figured out a streamlined processes that gets in front of customers and then drives conversions effortlessly.

E-commerce SEO Services Improves PPC Performance

Google Ads allows you to target Organic Google and Organic Bing audiences. Targeting audiences means reduced CPA, especially if they have already been to your website. But Google only lets you target them if you have enough visitors each month. Increase targeted organic traffic to improve your e-commerce ads performance.

ecommerce seo results for an online pallet jack store
before ecommerce seo services for an online pallet jack store

+72.3% ROI from E-commerce SEO


Budget: $2,500/m for 6 months


Company: Online Pallet Jack Parts Store


Small budget led to $25,845.60 in new sales from organic traffic alone, or $1,807.6 of additional monthly revenue and all we were allowed to do was update their small number of blog posts.


Situation: Client wanted to test run and control all optimizations. We settled on only optimizing their small blog. So with hands tied, we were still able to provide a 72% return on investment.


Ideal Strategy: Our ideal strategy would have been to start with category and main pages, internal linking, optimize the blog, and then do technical SEO work.

ROI: 72.3%, or $25,845.6 gain

From $0-$27,253.66 in Sales From Organic Traffic


Budget: $2200/m for 6 months


Company: Online Flashlight Store


Small budget led to $27,253.66 in new sales from organic traffic alone, or $4542.27 of additional average monthly revenue. Over last 3 months it was $9084.54


Strategy: Start with technical fixes, then update blog pages and internal linking, and then category pages. But there were so many issues and the budget was too small to fix them all quickly

At 3 months with no traffic or conversion improvement, we decided to pivot

We halted technical SEO work to start optimizing content. Product category were most important so we started there. Next we optimized blog pages and internal links


ROI Over 6 months: 106.47%, or $14,053.66 gain
ROI After Pivot (last 3 months): 312.93%, or $20,653.66 gain

ledlenser ga4 organic conversions
ledlenser ga4 total revenue
gsc 3 month click performance

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