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Marketing for new technologies and solutions.

New Solutions Usually Have These Problems

  1. Low Search Volume: Indirect competitors and nobody knowing your solution means few keywords and low search volume.
  2. Long-term Effort: Generating demand for the unknown is expensive and long, if you do it the old way.
  3. Unique Approach: New technologies and solutions require a specialized approach to marketing.
  4. Little Brand Trust: Building trust as an unknown name and solution is imperative.

Seattle PPC Agency helps companies with new solutions carve out their niche and own it.

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How to Solve Those Problems

✔ Capture Demand. Show up for searches people are looking for. Take advantage of other companies’ efforts and branding.

✔ Generate Demand. Be seen juxtaposed to competition & big names in the industry.

✔ Design Your Category. Maximize your valuation, your market position, the perception of analysts, and the mindset of customers

✔ Remove Obstacles to the Sale. Answer the 6 questions every prospect is asking.

SaaS SEO Pricing

Our Methodology: SaaS SEO Sprints

A simple alternative to ineffective, expensive, long term SEO contracts. Pay for work rendered, nothing more.

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Don’t Pay For Wasted Time

All planning is done in Month 1. That means no paying for our time to

  • Work in spread sheets
  • Email
  • Have internal meetings
  • Find what to do next
  • Have to coordinate with you or the team

AND…you own the deliverables



SEO Sprints Prevent Waste

Other SEO agencies have large teams with account managers. They have to stay on top of so many things.

That’s because they figure out what to do on the fly each month.

Nothing is planned more than a month out, so they offer the bare minimum audits, and make up their costs by

🙅‍♂️ billing for coordination

🙅‍♂️ team meeting

🙅‍♂️ and new deliverables

What does this mean for you? It means poor timing, miscommunication, and time spent evaluating what to do next rather than just working the plan.

What Is A SaaS SEO Sprint?

A sprint is when you have a fixed account to achieve and you do it as fast as possible. That’s the sprint. See the end goal and get it done.

We find what we would do if we were you. Then, we work with you to get it all done as fast as possible.

This is different from retainer SEO agencies because they’re figuring out what to do typically offer fixed work output per month.

Sprints are broken up by month to achieve the end goal ASAP. The focus is output, not fulfilling a retainer. We have the roadmap, now let’s go A-Z and get it done.

After the sprint (say 3 months longs) is complete, we audit the site and go from there. This is important because it means we are data driven, that there is always a reason we’re working on this vs that.

How Other Agencies Do SEO For You

Account Managers Conversation With SEO

AM: “So what’s our next deliverable to the client?”

“Where are we at that technical audit?”

“Is updating the metas more important or is new content more important?”

“Your audit is different than Alex’s audit, will you go over this with me?”

“The Content Team needs to know what to do next. Will you find blog topics?”

“Can we hop on a quick meet to sync about what to do for the client?”

“The clients wants to know why we’re not writing new content this month. What’s your reasoning so I can respond?”

“Can you go over the client’s numbers and give me some quick wins that I can report on?”

“They have a lot of content on their site, and it looks like they already have that topic. What should we do?”

…SO. Much. Wasted. Time…

seo project management

❌ These questions indicate chaos.

❌ How is someone supposed to do their best work like this?

❌ It’s stressful.

❌ You the client is unsure of what’s happening.

❌ There’s so much emphasis on cherry picking data and tasks to please you that decisions become ad hoc rather than meaningfully planned.

How Seattle PPC Agency Handles Your SEO

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Setup - Analytics, Keyword Tracking, Benchmarking, Conversion Setup

Research - SEO Content Audit (existing & new content), Backlink Audit (existing & new opportunities), Technical Audit

Assign - Prioritize everything, assign to month and team member

Production - Mass produce content (Content Velocity), journalist outreach, technical fixes

Review - Review data, change priorities accordingly

…Wait. So Like. Everyone Knows What They’re Doing At All Times?…

Our SaaS SEO Case Studies


They use AI to inform companies how to improve their DEI, and employee engagement.


  • Previous agency couldn’t get site to rank or ads to work
  • Client slow to edit & publish
  • Hesitant to make changes


  • Objection handling content
  • Content pillars
  • Change messaging and voice


  • 149 visits - 2421 visits in 12 months
  • 6X conversions
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  • Nobody knew their technology
  • Nobody was searching their technology


  • Objection handling content
  • Demand capturing content
  • Content pillars
  • Change messaging and voice


  • 4X SQLs
  • Cheaper ads because we were able to retarget more

Want to get people to your website on your own?

Check out our SEO Guide for DIY instructions on how to rank your website. For advertising help, see our SaaS Google Ads Company page.

Satisfied Customers

Seattle PPC Agency has been wonderful to work with and has helped me grow my business. Highly Recommend.

Laura Richer

I have had the pleasure of working with Trenton for several years and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone.

Susan Leeming

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is SEO So Much?

Good SEO services require lots of work, and come with certainty that you’ll earn more than you’re investing which is the whole point of marketing, right?

How Many Keywords Will You Rank?

In short, a bunch. We only track up to 25 main keywords, but every page will be optimized for a group (large or small) of keywords. The goal is to rank for all keywords in each part of the marketing funnel, be everywhere you prospects might be.

What Is The Average Monthly SEO Cost?

The average monthly SEO cost depends on the work involved and your strategy. We show you everything that needs to get done over the next 12 months and create monthly plans based on your budget. If you have 100 tasks and split them up over 12 months it’s less/month. If you split them up over 6 months it’s more/month.

How Big Is Your Team?

The team ranges from 5 - 10 people depending on work. I outsource all non strategic work. That means I create content outlines, all audits, and strategy, and instruct freelancers how to do it. Then I quality control all of it myself. 


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