We are a full service

PPC Agency

Google Advertising that stands out, converts, and sells.

Looking for great returns on your advertising dollars? Seattle PPC boasts a whopping $8 ROI for every $1 spent. For some industries it’s 20:1.

Ads Management

Google Ads & Bing Ads. Strategy, Creation, Management, & Reporting. We create finely tuned ads that show your prospect you are the best solution to their problem.

Ads Education

For enterprise clients. We teach you and your team how create and manage your accounts in weekly calls. Competition, trends, & new features means constantly improving ads.


For enterprise clients we help pitch new ideas to execs, make proactive recommendations, work with teams, and offer competitive analysis, keyword research, & content planning.

Complete transparency. No fluff. Get answers to your Google, PPC, & Markting questions.

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