The Top 10 Best SaaS Sales Training Programs

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Software as a Service (SaaS) provides clients with solutions online through the software programs they subscribe to. Successful sales organizations rely on good sales processes; therefore, you need to master B2B and SaaS sales as a salesperson.

A potential software buyer usually needs to know more about how your product will fit into their business cycle and what challenges the software can solve. As a sales representative, you must effectively communicate the software solution’s value. The sales team can enhance their experience by engaging in SaaS sales training content from professional trainers and programs.

Sales training programs are vital as they help salespeople learn or improve their selling techniques, skills, and processes to improve the bottom-line results. A successful sales training course allows your team to close deals with integrity, speed, and confidence.

Did you know companies investing in training their sales rep are 57% more effective than rival companies that make no such investment? It’s worth the effort to provide your sales team with thorough training. Sales training programs integrate techniques and tactics to help foster a more successful sales rep within a company.

Product knowledge is imperative for sales success, but finding the best sales training program for your team and budget takes some work. Thus, stick with me as I reveal the best SaaS training programs for your sales team.

SaaS sales training can come in various styles and targets CEOs, training coaches, and sales executives. Let’s dive in!

SalesHood’s Sales Training

Vendor: SalesHood

Cost: Monthly subscription (contact SalesHood for a quote)

Location: Online and on-demand coaching library

How long it takes to complete: 1 month

Focus: Sales skills

Target audience: Salespersons and frontline managers

 The SalesHood program is also called the sales enablement platform. The SalesHood sales training and coaching courses aim at enhancing selling techniques/ skills to help remote sales and customer success teams increase productivity. The program is designed to enhance the navigation of B2B SaaS sales.

The course emphasizes turnkey sales skills training by providing just-in-time training, onboarding, and coaching for staff in the sales pipeline. The SaaS sales training covers more than 24 topics with video lectures and written materials.

SalesHood integrates an on-demand library of training resources available on web browsers. The program is based on Elay Cohen’s experiences leading sales improvement at Salesforce. SalesHood lets sales teams proceed at their own pace while still feeling personally coached. In addition to individual skills training, the course encompasses coaching ‘huddles’ that guide frontline managers and their sales teams through a structured learning experience.

Winning by Design’s SaaS Sales Training Course

Vendor: Winning by Design

Cost: $1,500

Location: Online delivery

How long it takes to complete: 4 weeks

Focus: Sales communication and late-stage sales

Intended audience: Sales reps and sales teams

Training a sales team is easier with the program Winning by Design because it provides robust, high-quality education. The training course is specifically designed for all salespeople in a SaaS environment. The training program emphasizes the core ingredients of good sales communication and late-stage sales techniques.

Winning by Design is a program dedicated to remote sales training. The course focuses on helping businesses train their sales staff more efficiently. The four-week course covers topics like;

  • Having more effective conversations
  • Orchestrating late-stage closing conversations
  • Best practices in discovery and demo

The training course provides personal instruction and small class sizes to offer individualized attention. The program is ideal for startup sales reps and teams that seek professional development.

Funnel Clarity’s Software/ SaaS Sales Training

Vendor: Funnel Clarity

Cost: Not Specified

Location: Online and on-site

How long it takes to complete: 40 to 90 minutes

Focus: SaaS sales tactics

Target audience: Sales rep and startup sales team

Software and SaaS sales training from Funnel Clarity emphasizes leveraging your team’s strengths. The program helps your team get past selling products and transition to selling solutions. It establishes revitalized strategies toward unique SaaS challenges.

Funnel Clarity relies on research to build SaaS sales training programs that integrate a scientific method into selling. The SaaS sales training program reframes traditional approaches to software sales. The course approach trains salespeople to focus on providing real value to prospects.

The Funnel Clarity program is based on flexibility to teach sales teams how to sell better. It offers training as your team needs, and in the format you need. The training is suitable for companies who want on-site sales training.

Rain Group’s Online Sales Training

Vendor: RAIN Group

Cost: Contact for pricing

Location: Delivery of your choice

How long it takes to complete: 2 days

Focus: Insight selling

Target audience: B2B sales teams

The RAIN Group’s training program is a global leader in sales training that emphasizes insight selling and performance improvement. Salespeople can learn the course in various formats, including;

  • Online
  • Email and mobile app
  • Virtual instructor-led training programs
  • On-site training

Salespeople interacting with buyers give them new information and ideas three times more than any other sales reps. Engage with this training session to drive demand for your solution and help your prospects think about their business in new aspects.

LeadsCon Las Vegas 2021

Vendor: LeadsCon

Cost: $1445 per person, $150 discount for three or more attendees

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada (Live conference)

How long it takes to complete: 3-day program

Focus: Sales industry

Target audience: Salespersons and sales staff

The LeadsCon program is an annual convention for the sales community. The SaaS training seminar is an excellent program for salespeople to gain industry knowledge and strategies and learn techniques for nurturing and converting quality leads. The live convention is suitable if you seek one-on-one conversations about SaaS sales because it features;

  • In-demand speakers
  • Collaborative meetings
  • Exhibits
  • Networking opportunities with professionals in the industry

The Pearl Lemon Sales

Vendor: Pearl Lemon

Cost: Contact Pearl Lemon

Location: Online

Focus: prospect and sales management

Intended audience: Salespeople, executives, specialists, and sales managers

Pearl lemon sales training enables the sales persons to improve their sales skills and significantly enhance sales performance. The training sessions are highly engaging to optimize knowledge retention. The program covers an array of aspects, including;

  • Understanding the customer
  • Virtual selling
  • Soliciting and prospect management
  • Negotiating
  • Account development
  • Sales management

Pearl Lemon training is research-based and comprises the experiences of salespeople with decades of professionalism. The course integrates field-tested strategies that enhance results on sales. In addition, the SaaS sales training by Pearl Lemon approaches the SaaS market with a combination of the correct sales tactics and communication executed across the prospect lifecycle to deliver a critical competitive advantage.

21st Century Sales Training For Elite Performance By Brian Tracy

Vendor: Brian Tracy

Cost: $997

Location: Online delivery

How long it takes to complete: 12 weeks

Focus: Sales skills

Intended audience: Salespeople

If you seek SaaS training for elite performance, look no further. 21st Century sales training is a three-month virtual course that emphasizes seven key facets of sales, including;

  • Prospecting
  • Developing trust and credibility
  • Identifying the buyer’s needs
  • Overcoming resistance
  • Selling value
  • Closing
  • Getting referrals and repeat business

The sales training program integrates workbooks, role-play exercises, bonus training modules, and 24 videos you can re-watch anytime. The various training aspects help salespeople improve at building rapport, prospecting, and closing a sale.

Inbound Sales by Hubspot

Vendor: HubSpot Academy

Cost: Free

Location/ Delivery: Online

How long it takes to complete: 2 hours and 11 minutes

Focus: The inbound sales methodology

Intended audience: Salespeople, inbound marketers, sales managers, and sales trainers

The inbound sales program is a free virtual course that teaches how to sell with integrity. The training program tackles identifying potential buyers to develop personalized presentations. The sales rep gets a badge to display on websites, email signatures, and LinkedIn profiles.

The Art of Sales by Sales Engine

Vendor: Sales Engine

Cost: Free ($95 for certificate)

Location: Online delivery

The length required to complete: 5 weeks, with three to five hours of work per week.

Focus: Introduction to sales

Intended audience: Beginner salespeople, career changers, and entrepreneurs

The Art of Sales training program is ideal if you want to master the selling process specialization. Salespeople with minimal sales knowledge can get a rookie baseline on introduction to selling fundamentals. The sales program entails lectures, real-world exercises, and reading. Hence, it applies to both B2C and B2B salespeople. The course emphasizes techniques such as;

  • Prospecting
  • Qualifying
  • Asking questions
  • Developing proposals

The course specializes in perfecting your selling process and enhancing faster sales/ closing high-dollar deals. The Art of Sales program is unique because it comprises four courses in one. They include;

  • Customer segmentation
  • Connecting with prospects
  • Pitching
  • Closing

Sales Prospecting Advanced Techniques by SalesScripter

Vendor: SalesScripter

Cost: Free

Location: Online

How long it takes to complete (Length): 13 hours

Focus: Sales prospecting methodology

Target audience: Inside salespeople, sales managers, and sales trainers

Sales statements and questions to prospects can mean the difference between failure and success; therefore, the program is designed to offer a strategy-backed process. The course covers building a value proposition, asking the right questions, and effectively closing deals.

A salesperson’s words are the most valuable tool that salespeople improvise when calling, emailing, or meeting with potential clients. An eloquent flow of statements and questions will help you sell more or make selling more fun.

Sales training programs take place in the virtual world, in-house, or in faraway conference centers. The training mentioned above programs focuses on helping salespeople learn and develop the tactics and processes that facilitate repeated wins. We hope the article has answered the following questions for you;

  • Is the training delivered virtually, or will the trainers come to your location?
  • Will the training fit into your sales team schedule?
  • Does the program address a challenge that your sales team is facing?
  • Is the program intended for your industry?
  • Will the return of the training be at least five times its cost?


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