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Monthly B2B SEO Services

First month of service is setup, audits, and planning. The following months are execution of the plans.

The Comprehensive SEO Methodology

A simple alternative to ineffective, expensive, long term SEO contracts. Pay for work rendered, nothing more.

traditional seo agency vs seattle ppc seo

Don’t Pay For Wasted Time

All planning is done in Month 1. That means no paying for our time to

  • Work in spread sheets
  • Email
  • Have internal meetings
  • Find what to do next
  • Have to coordinate with you or the team

AND…you own the deliverables



Measure Twice, Cut Once

Prior planning prevents poor performance.

Traditional SEO Agencies have large teams and lots of account managers because they have to always stay on top of what to do next. That’s because they figure out what to do on the fly each month.

By offering the bare minmum in audits, they allow themselves to bill for for coordination, team meetings, and new deliverables.

This leads to poor timing, miscommunication, and time spent evaluating what to do next.

Common Communication Inside A Traditional Agency

Account/Project Managers to SEOs:

  • “So what’s our next deliverable to the client?”
  • “Where are we at that technical audit?”
  • “Is updating the metas more important or is new content more important?”
  • “Your audit is different than Alex’s audit, will you go over this with me?”
  • “The Content Team needs to know what to do next. Will you find blog topics?”
  • “Can we hop on a quick meet to sync about what to do for the client?”
  • “The clients wants to know why we’re not writing new content this month. What’s your reasoning so I can respond?”
  • “Can you go over the client’s numbers and give me some quick wins that I can report on?”
  • “They have a lot of content on their site, and it looks like they already have that topic. What should we do?”

…SO. Much. Wasted. Time…

b2b seo bad project management seo team running around illustration

It’s kind of chaotic. How is someone supposed to do their best work like this? It’s stressful, you the client is unsure of what’s happening, and there’s so much emphasis on cherry picking data and tasks to please you that decisions become ad hoc rather than meaningfully planned.

b2b seo process
  1. Setup - Analytics, Keyword Tracking, Benchmarking, Conversion Setup
  2. Research - SEO Content Audit (existing & new content), Backlink Audit (existing & new opportunities), Technical Audit
  3. Assign - Prioritize everything, assign to month and team member
  4. Production - Mass produce content (Content Velocity), journalist outreach, technical fixes
  5. Review - Review data, change priorities accordingly

…Wait. So Like. Everyone Knows What They’re Doing At All Times?…

The Comprehensive SEO Process

SEO Month 1

  1. Benchmarking & Tracking Set Up
  2. Content Audit
  3. Backlink Audit
  4. Technical SEO Audit

Benchmarking & Tracking Set Up

To accurately track your progress and prove our future decisions, we need to setup analytics and conversion tracking. If you already have most or all of this setup, we will benchmark data so we know where we are starting from.

What we setup

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Call Rail
  • Yoast Plugin
  • Google Data Studio
  • Keyword Tracking

Content Audit

Content audits tell us how to and which existing content to improve, and which new content to create.

Content Audit Process

  1. Existing content - Crawl all pages, assign keywords to each, determine how to improve them - page title change, meta description change, content update, content rewrite, if it needs more internal links, and triage (prioritize) by month.
  2.  New content - Determine topics that we want to write about, search for main keywords and topics, filter out irrelevant topics and keywords, group all keywords into topics by search intent, choose the pillar content (main content piece per topic), assign which pillar content the other pieces will support and link to, and triage by month. This also includes Content Gap Analysis (what your competitors have and you don’t).
  3. Create plan - List out all tasks that need to be done and break them up by month. The higher the investment, the more new and existing content we can write and optimize at a time.

Backlink Audit

Backlink audits let us compare where we are compared to our competitors, and have a plan of which links we want to go after, when we’ll go after them, and how we’ll go after them.

Technical SEO Audit

The ease of search engines to crawl your website, and user experience have been an ever growing focus of Google and other search engines. The Core Web Vitals update of 2021 was really the nail in the coffin for the argument made by a dying group of SEOs who believe that technical SEO is not important.

We need search engines to crawl and understand the pages of your website as easily as possible, and we need users to be able to easily navigate your website, and load pages quickly.

What is included in a Technical SEO Audit:

  • Accessibility
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Sub-domains
  • Navigation
  • Breadcrumbs
  • URL Issues
  • Meta Titles
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Heading Tags
  • Structured Data
  • Image Optimization
  • Duplicate Content Checks
  • Canonical Tags
  • Link Issues
  • Google Search Console Errors
  • SEO Equity
  • Page Speed
  • Pagination

SEO Month 2 & Beyond

  1. Technical SEO Fixes
  2. Optimize Existing Content
  3. Create New Content
  4. Backlink Outreach

Technical SEO Fixes

These issues are usually procedural and can create immediate impact. Once we take care of these issues, there should be few to no issues in the future.

Optimizing Existing Content

Optimizing existing is the fastest way to see improvements. These pages typically already have ranking data for us to use. Updating or rewriting existing website pages will lead us to new insights that we couldn’t find in the audit and get results faster than new content.

Create New Content

New content provides us new opportunities to rank and link improve internal links to pillar and relevant content. We will rank for new keywords, new topics, and get new people to our site.

Creating new content helps us lead prospects down the marketing funnel, and are typically focused on high and mid funnel prospects. Low funnel prospects are ready to purchase now, and medium and high funnel prospects are researching their problem to figure out how to solve.

New content can be made to use as landing pages for ads, promoted through ads, and used for getting backlinks.

Backlink Outreach

Backlinks tell Google how trusted you are. They are the word of mouth (WOM) referrals for search engines.

Much like WOM referrals, not just any backlink will do. Our backlinks need to be from trusted sources, and from sites that are relevant to our website.

Want to get people to your website on your own?

Check out our SEO Guide for DIY instructions on how to rank your website. For advertising help, see our Google Ads pricing page.

B2B SEO Audits & One Time Services

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Seattle PPC Agency has been wonderful to work with and has helped me grow my business. Highly Recommend.

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I have had the pleasure of working with Trenton for several years and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is SEO So Much?

Good SEO services require lots of work, and come with certainty that you’ll earn more than you’re investing which is the whole point of marketing, right?

How Many Keywords Will You Rank?

In short, a bunch. We only track up to 25 main keywords, but every page will be optimized for a group (large or small) of keywords. The goal is to rank for all keywords in each part of the marketing funnel, be everywhere you prospects might be.

What Is The Average Monthly SEO Cost?

The average monthly SEO cost depends on the work involved and your strategy. We show you everything that needs to get done over the next 12 months and create monthly plans based on your budget. If you have 100 tasks and split them up over 12 months it’s less/month. If you split them up over 6 months it’s more/month.

How Big Is Your Team?

The team ranges from 5 - 10 people depending on work. I outsource all non strategic work. That means I create content outlines, all audits, and strategy, and instruct freelancers how to do it. Then I quality control all of it myself. 


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