13 Marketing Automation Tools For SaaS

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There are automation tools that suit your needs. SaaS marketing is ever-changing to adapt streamlined product processes into marketing strategies. Marketing automation tools help improve ROI. Read to the end of this article to discover13 SaaS marketing game-changer automated tools you can use to achieve growth.

What is SaaS Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a term used to refer to using tools and software to automate an array of marketing activities. SaaS marketing automation platforms help in regulating marketing activities. The strategy to automate marketing activities helps increase the output of different aspects concerning your marketing efforts.

Marketing automation is imperative in helping streamline workflow and deal with repetitive processes that consume a lot of time. Integrate efficient Martech Stack (Marketing Technology stack) for your SaaS marketing.

Companies that implement marketing automation tools reduce marketing overhead while increasing leads. To effectively compete with market leaders, you must maintain your marketing prowess. Different kinds of marketing automation tools help in;

  • Increasing business efficiency
  • Track performance
  • Discover insights in real time
  • Measure content and website performance
  • Build interactive content
  • SEO optimization
  • Sales automation
  • Designing and creating videos

Key Features of Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation is a core element of marketing operations. Thus, it would be best to determine which automated system fits your business needs. Depending on your requirement, the automation tools focus on varying aspects of marketing. We’ve compiled crucial features that the automation tools support;

  • Email marketing
  • Email automation and onboarding
  • Marketing research
  • Social media posting
  • Email outreach and sales
  • Lead generation
  • Lead nurturing
  • Analytics

Email Marketing

Marketing through email campaigns can be a laborious and complicated process. However, with automated software, you can achieve full functionality and take care of every aspect of your email follow-ups and sales. Email marketing through automated tools focuses on template designs, lists, and subscriber management. The software can create automated email campaigns based on customer behavior. The automation software you choose should integrate email marketing capabilities such as;

  • Scheduling messages
  • Personalizing emails for customer engagement and retention
  • Triggered emails based on time, events, and occasions
  • Prioritize email groups via sorting and categorizing
  • Email campaign tracking to minimize bounce rate
  • Recording customer engagement and behavior by the number of clicks/ opens

 Email Automation and Onboarding

Features like email automation and onboarding are crucial for expanding business marketing efforts and improving customer outreach. The features help segment what content you can send to intended contacts. You can quickly increase engagement and open rates by sending automated emails to follow up on prospect actions.

Marketing Research

Select a marketing automation tool that easily integrates into your website for efficient hosting. The automation tool should track your content to know how it’s working. Ensure the marketing automation platform is used to help marketers in the;

  • Identification of customer needs wants, and desires
  • Understanding customer lifecycle
  • Providing feedback to sales operations teams

Social Media Posting

Ensure your marketing automation tool has built-in social media marketing to help manage all your channels and schedule posts. Modern businesses have a presence on multiple social media platforms. Omnichannel marketing via automated tools can track and analyze your customers’ actions and interactions within personalized channels.

You’ll need to be available 24/7 for social media posting. Therefore, ensure that your content is engaging and reader-centric. Through social media, you will be able to know what the customers and prospects say regarding your company’s products and services. Social media automation features are imperative in;

  • Keeping your social accounts active and updated
  • Responding to customer queries in haste
  • Tracking the social campaign performance
  • Building targeted advertisements
  • Scheduling and pushing timed social media posts
  • Gathering feedback and interaction mentioning via social listening

Email Outreach and Sales

Every business should have a mode of communication with its customers for enhanced customer outreach. To enhance outreach and sales, a marketing automation system should be capable of the following;

  • Answering customer queries
  • Sending out scheduled messages

Lead Generation

Marketing automation allows businesses to provide services to potential clients and develop further interest through nurturing. The tool eases the identification of interested prospects. SaaS marketers can utilize the automated tool to connect with customers and reduce time spent on cold leads. Marketing automation tools should help with the following;

  • Tracking potential leads and prospects
  • Identifying data-driven leads
  • Filtering out prospects based on engagement and interest
  • Attaining sales outreach to prospects

Lead Nurturing

Automated marketing tools are crucial in nurturing and managing all your lead information. Therefore, your chosen marketing automation tool must send the correct information to the right prospects at the right time. Lead nurturing is the ability to send a series of automated emails to trigger based on a prospect’s behavior. Nurturing leads based on behavior, demographics, and buying stage is crucial in managing and maintaining customer-related information.


Automated marketing tools are imperative to track and analyze the relevant data from multiple marketing campaigns. An automation tool makes it possible to monitor marketing campaigns in various locations. Integrating a marketing automation tool will help SaaS marketers and businesses generate regular reports and gather informed insights from rich databases. Analytics is an essential feature in marketing automation tools because;

  • It facilitates data-driven decisions with prompt, comprehensive data collection and analysis
  • Monitors campaigns to measure performance and ROI 
  • It can be customized to report for different stakeholders

The Top 13 Marketing Automation Tools

There’s no one best SaaS marketing automation tool, but numerous automation tools are suited to fit different marketing demands and budgets. Here is a list of marketing automation tools;

  • HubSpot
  • Terminus
  • Semrush
  • Grammarly
  • Typeform
  • Vidyard
  • Drift
  • Canva
  • Omnisend
  • Lucky Orange
  • Customer.io
  • Active Campaign
  • Constant Contact


HubSpot is an excellent all-in-one tool to power inbound marketing automation and is an ideal customer acquisition platform. It delivers optimized marketing automation, sales, CRM, and customer service. HubSpot helps deliver full-service marketing automation from social media management to content optimization for search engines (SEO).

HubSpot is recognized for its free CRM, marketing, sales, and customer support software. Its core focuses on generating and nurturing leads for business, developing a website/ landing pages, and customer relationship management. The software allows startup companies with zero budget to streamline select aspects of their marketing before subscribing to paid features.

It is suitable for SaaS because marketers can run marketing activities under one roof. Consider HubSpot your growth software that drives your business forward while incorporating other tools in your MarTech Stack. Hubspot is exclusively designed to help with complimentary services and support activities like;

  • Website development
  • Social media management
  • Blog hosting
  • Contact management in CRM
  • List segmentation
  • Work-flow build-up


A terminus is an automated tool that you can use to target and engage your clients accurately. If you have wondered how best to target your prospects and customers using ads, emails, and chats, then Terminus will help you engage your ideal clients. The software is suited for mid to large-sized companies.

Terminus provides a free demo mode to try and decide whether it fits your marketing automation strategy. With the automated marketing tool, you will efficiently orchestrate and measure your campaign performance.


Semrush is an ideal tool for supercharging your SEO strategy, as its toolkits are specifically designed for social media and content management. The software is recognized for delivering data-based results, checking keywords, and monitoring competitors’ websites.

Semrush is a powerhouse that helps research, evaluate, and analyze digital marketing performance like PPC ads. The tool will cover a wide range of strategies in SaaS companies.

SaaS marketers use Semrush to build comprehensive reports about ranking, quality backlinks, and the position of targeted keywords. Semrush performs a technical SEO audit of your site to track and provide you with ideas for increasing traffic.


Grammarly is a powerful AI-powered tool that helps eliminate common spelling and grammatical errors. It is a must-have tool for marketers creating a lot of content because it ensures the right tone for your intended audience. Grammarly is a tool that eases content editing as you can use it as a chrome extension or incorporate it with other applications like google docs and slack.

Grammarly offers suggestions to help fix issues seamlessly. It is an excellent tool for checking marketing blog posts and emails. SaaS marketers can use Grammarly to find and fix sloppy errors. SaaS professionals can ensure their marketing communications are flawless as they fix inappropriate vocabulary with either free or paid versions.


Typeform is a common choice for SaaS brands because it helps create and analyze surveys. The tool integrates functionalities to conduct personalized buyer research, customer preference, and product research. Most SaaS companies use Typeform to gather information regarding feedback from customers on how they liked/ disliked your software.

Apart from recognition for assisting in survey distribution, Typeform is a solid toolset that helps design personalized copies of marketing materials. The toolkit integrates a highly customizable interface to keep track of marketing strategy. Typeform initiates customer feedback by being friendly, inviting, and conversational. Customers can easily give answers about their experience with your software.


Vidyard is an enhanced video platform designed for most businesses. Integrating videos into your marketing strategy can play a significant role in boosting sales. Vidyard is more than a video hosting platform because it lets SaaS marketers generate leads, accelerate sales, and reach new customers quickly.

Vidyard merges well with every web browser to help your content reach a vast audience. It is a powerful marketing automation tool with professional-grade video customizations to serve your intended audience.

Vidyard helps your brand stand out to potential prospects and build trust. The robust marketing automation tool allows marketers to post personalized videos for a compelling client pitch. The software integrates several features for different stages of marketing/ buying, including;

  •     Vidyard GoVideo: It is a free video messaging platform that allows SaaS marketers to connect with prospects, customers, and team staff.
  •     Vidyard for marketing: The app hosts your videos, analyzes video effectiveness, and generates viewer analytics to aid marketers in optimizing content for optimized results.
  •     Vidyard for sales: The tool allows you to create personalized video messages and send them to prospects.


Drift is a marketing automation tool that helps SaaS and Software business marketing teams to engage visitors and convert them into leads. It is an intelligent and easy-to-use chat platform that allows marketers to interact with customers. Drift integrates a conversational engine to provide hands-off customer service.

The tool is vital in helping marketers engage with leads using personalization to qualify and convert trial customers into paid customers. Drift automation and chat features help power SaaS marketing strategies. It will fuel your sales with qualified prospects.

Drift’s automated chatbots ensure your business is operating 24/7. Companies will engage every customer no matter what the time. More so, customers get real-time answers instead of waiting.


Canva tool is a beginner-friendly, cloud-based version of Photoshop that helps you create many sorts of visual content, from flyers, posters, infographics, and social media banners, to business cards. The tool is easy to use, and the best part is that it’s free.


The marketing automation platform, Omnisend, is an omnichannel designed for ecommerce. The tool delivers powerful automation workflows for email, SMS, push notifications, and Facebook messenger. Omnisend comes with pre-built templates to ease the creation of workflows, forms, landing pages, pop-ups, and emails.

You can add numerous channels to the automated workflow to create a fascinating customer experience. Customers can automatically receive a message via the chosen channel. You can deliver your workflow using Omnisend packages, including;

  • Free plan for essential email marketing
  • Paid plans based on features and number of contacts

Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange is a marketing automation tool that helps portray usability and how your SaaS website performs. The tool offers in-depth analysis and heat maps to help answer the following questions;

  • How many people visit your website daily?
  • What is your bounce rate?
  • What actions to take?

The automated tool will help you know how the customers found your site. You’ll quickly know whether your customer referral program is working efficiently. Lucky orange will record information regarding every visitor on your website, plus you’ll see what tactics are working/ failing.

Lucky Orange will indicate customer content consumption. You’ll see the scrolling extent within the pages. SaaS marketers will note what pages are most visited for easy optimization.


Customer.io is an email automation tool that engages customers throughout the lifecycle. The tool is flexible and features a lightweight UI. Professional marketers can efficiently deliver personalized messages by integrating mobile apps or websites.

Customer.io is specifically designed to trigger emails based on events instead of page views. SaaS marketers can send intended emails based on user behavior. The automated tool features conversion tracking to monitor potential prospects.

Active Campaign

Active campaign is one of the most comprehensive solution-based platforms on the market. The SaaS automated tool integrates email marketing, marketing automation, and small business CRM. Active campaign software may not be ideal for marketers with low technical capabilities because learning takes time and effort.

Active campaign software is a powerful tool featuring;

  • Email marketing
  • Customized marketing automation
  • Segment based on basic/ advanced logic
  • Smart email content customization
  • Initiate campaigns with dynamic content

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an email marketing automated tool for small businesses. It is an affordable and easy-to-use platform for your email program. The device integrates vital features to support SaaS email marketing activities like;

  • Generating automated trigger campaigns
  • Sending segmented follow-up messages
  • Conduct intuitive email editing
  • Customer feedback and surveys
  • Facebook fan promotion

SaaS marketers need to choose marketing automation tools to achieve their objectives. In addition, select tools that integrate with your core marketing automation platforms. Pick some marketing automation tools to grow your target achievement and save time.


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